Student Support Professionals Receive Trustee Character Award

Today, during a conference for all student support professionals Board-wide, the Lakehead District School Board Trustee Character Award was presented to 65 employees who worked during the pandemic to encourage and support the continued success of students. Their resilience, dedication, and will to support student learning during difficult times is admirable and appreciated. To all the student support professionals who worked during the pandemic, assisted students with the transition to virtual learning, as well as those who provided in-person support, we thank you. Your commitment to students is invaluable to our school communities. Thanks to you, students received the support they needed during a very difficult time for everyone. We are lucky to have this excellent team of colleagues and friends within our Board.

Thank you to the following recipients of the Trustee Character Award:

Westgate CVI

Rachelle Davidson 

Renee Furlotte 

Laura Jantunen 

Elsie Oullett 

Sue Barbiero 

Hammarskjold High School

Theresa Jalbert 

Brandi Willanen 

Kelly Anderson 

Sarah Barry 

Frank Greco 

Shelly O’Neil 

Mike Thompson 

Sheri Sokoloski

Superior CVI

Karen Sameluk 

Kerri-Anne Turk 

Judy Korppi 

Pat Wielobob

Algonquin Avenue Public School

Krista Smith  

Stephanie Meservia 

Heather Koiranen 

Kim Hoogsteen

Courtney Cummings 

Nicole Desrosiers 

Kim Blake

Armstrong Public School

Marie Pelto 

C.D Howe Public School

Karen Untinen 

Shelby Arvelin 

Alyssa Simpson 

Alysha Thibodeau 

Claude E. Garton Public School

Debbie Garriock 

McKenzie Public School

Sabrina Neil 

Crestview Public School

Tammy Sawyer 

Peaches Glenn 

Sarah Colistro 

Ecole Elsie MacGill Public School

Patrick Armstrong 

Laura Lazor 

Brittney Drew

Jarryd Swazey 

Shupprova Roy 

Darrian Vale

Ecole Gron Morgan Public School

Anneli Toivanen 

Kingsway Park Public School

Kathy Shyiak 

Dawn Teepell 

McKellar Park Central Public School

Crystal Bradica 

Shannon Kapush 

Sarah McDonald 

Rob Kendall 

Nor’wester View Public School

Kelsi Beals 

Lauri Ostrom 

Chelsea Cosgrove 

St. James Public School

Kyla Morin 

Rosemary Nicholson 

Sherbrooke Public School

Jill Roblee 

Colin Smyk 

Jennifer Sinfield 

Vance Chapman Public School

Joanne Montgomery 

Mel Tiboni 

Amanda Maronese 

Samantha Weirrko 

Colleen Moore 

Taija Hall

Westmount Public School

Marla Anderson (supported student at Algonquin Program) 

Shanley Roberts (supported student at Algonquin Program) 

Sarah Umakoshi

Linnea Benabo (supported student at Algonquin Program) 

Woodcrest Public School

Lucy Kowalczyk