Wearing a Mask is Encouraged

The following message is from Ian MacRae, Director of Education:

Dear Lakehead Public Schools families and staff,

I am pleased to say that schools are brimming with energy and many school activities, field trips, and special events are occurring once again. This is as schools should be. However, to help keep classrooms and schools open and operational, I ask for your cooperation. Recently, student and staff absence numbers have begun to rise again due to illness. I respectfully ask that families and staff consider not letting their health and safety guard down yet. To help keep our school communities as healthy as possible, I strongly recommend and urge students and staff to choose to wear masks while in schools. Please consider the reduction in the spread of illness that masks can achieve. I encourage everyone to keep the health and safety of fellow students and staff in mind as we head into the last two months of school.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,

Ian MacRae,

Director of Education